Synergistic Energy Absorption Mechanisms of Architected Liquid Crystal Elastomers

  title={Synergistic Energy Absorption Mechanisms of Architected Liquid Crystal Elastomers},
  author={Seung‐Yeol Jeon and Beijun Shen and Nicholas A Traugutt and Zeyu Zhu and Lichen Fang and Christopher M Yakacki and Thao Duc Nguyen and Sung Hoon Kang},
  journal={Advanced Materials},
A unique rate‐dependent energy absorption behavior of liquid crystal elastomer (LCE)‐based architected materials is reported. The architected materials consist of repeating unit cells of bistable tilted LCE beams sandwiched between stiff supports. The viscoelastic behavior of the LCE causes the energy absorption to increase with strain rate according to a power‐law relationship, which can be modulated by changing the degree of mesogen alignment and the loading direction relative to the director… 
Group action Markov chain Monte Carlo for accelerated sampling of energy landscapes with discrete symmetries and energy barriers
A new Monte Carlo method, group action Markov chain Monte Carlo (GA-MCMC), which augments more conventional trial moves with the application of a group action from a well-chosen generating set of the discrete symmetry group, and is shown to consistently outperform the considered alternatives, even when the symmetry of the potential energy function is broken.


Liquid Crystal Elastomers
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A movie of a high strain rate impact test (impact speed = 10 m/s)
Energy absorption density of 2×2, 2×4 and 2×8 stacked LCE structures with graded beam thickness plotted as a function of strain rates
Movie S3: Simulation movies comparing uniform vs. graded cases of stacked structures
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