Synergism by sublimation of volatile lanthanide β-diketonates

  title={Synergism by sublimation of volatile lanthanide β-diketonates},
  author={Natalia P. Kuzmina and L. I. Martynenko and N. V. Chugarov and I. G. Zaitseva and Andrei N Grigoriev and Andrei N Yakushevich},
The synergistic effect by sublimation manifests itself in an increase in the volatility of nonvolatile or slightly volatile compounds in the presence of highly volatile agents. In this study, manifestations of the synergistic effect are demonstrated by the evaporation of mixed ligand complexes, derivatives of lanthanide acetylacetonates and neutral organic ligands, and by evaporation of the following mixtures: yttrium and zirconium acetylacetonates, lanthanum and nickel dipivaloylmethanates and… CONTINUE READING