Synergism between HIV and other viruses in the mouth.

  title={Synergism between HIV and other viruses in the mouth.},
  author={François-Xavier Mbopi-K{\'e}ou and Laurent B{\'e}lec and Chong Gee Teo and Crispian Scully and Stephen Porter},
  journal={The Lancet. Infectious diseases},
  volume={2 7},
The HIV family replicate in and are shed from the mouth. Oral sexual practices potentially contribute to the overall extent of HIV transmission, particularly if high-risk practices are not restricted. Herpesviruses and papillomaviruses that appear in the oral cavity can determine oral HIV replication. The mechanisms probably include heterologous transactivation, enhanced expression of HIV receptors and co-receptors in target cells, release of cytokines and chemokines, and production of… CONTINUE READING

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