Syndrome of canal of Guyon - definition, diagnosis, treatment and complication.

  title={Syndrome of canal of Guyon - definition, diagnosis, treatment and complication.},
  author={Paweł Depukat and Ewa Mizia and Marcin Kuniewicz and Tomasz Bonczar and Małgorzata Mazur and Piotr Pełka and Izabela Mr{\'o}z and Marcin Lipski and Krzysztof Tomaszewski},
  journal={Folia medica Cracoviensia},
  volume={55 1},
Syndrome of canal of Guyon is the second after carpal tunnel syndrome, compression syndrome in the wrist. Opposite to median nerve compression, ulnar nerve compression is not very popular. However it impairs functioning of the hand even more than median nerve lesion. Authors deal with definition, possible diagnostic methods, treatment and most frequent complication. 


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