Syndicalist Theories of the State

  title={Syndicalist Theories of the State},
  author={Robert Holton},
  journal={The Sociological Review},
  pages={21 - 5}
  • R. Holton
  • Published 1 February 1980
  • Economics
  • The Sociological Review
R evolutionary syndicalism has received weighty criticism from Marxist commentators for its supposed reluctance to consider the role of the state in society. Such criticisms gathered momentum from 1917 onwards as theorists like Lenin and Lukacs sought to explain and counteract the failure of proletarian revolution outside Russia. Both saw the supposedly anti-political stance of syndicalist movements as an important reason for the inability of other European working dasses to seize state power… 
Syndicalism and Strikes, Leadership and Influence: Britain, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, and the United States
  • R. Darlington
  • Economics, History
    International Labor and Working-Class History
  • 2013
Abstract The explosion of industrial and political militancy that swept the world during the early years of the twentieth century gave the revolutionary syndicalist movement a prominence and
The Franco-British Syndicalist Connection and the Great Labour Unrest, 1880s-1914
This chapter explores the transfers between French and British trade unionism between 1880 and 1914, and the transnational elaboration of syndicalism in this period. The role of press exchanges and
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With the rise of the new social movements and increasing number of protests over service delivery in South Africa’s poorest townships, many activists have started to question whether unions are able
Green Syndicalism: An Alternative Red-Green Vision
Most approaches to Red and Green (labour and environmentalist) alliances have taken Marxian perspectives, to the exclusion of anarchism and libertarian socialism. Recent developments, however, have
Modernism and state power in the pre-war poetry and prose of Ezra Pound, 1911-1914
Pound scholars have tended to assume that questions of state power, and of the relationship between the state and the individual, only become central to his work during the inter-war period. The
A qualitative application of Amartya Sen’s ‘development as freedom’ theory to an understanding of social grants in South Africa
Amartya Sen argued that poverty is the “deprivation” of a person’s capability to lead a “good life”, therefore ending poverty means meeting basic physical and social needs, and enabling meaningful
Anarchism and syndicalism in South Africa, 1904-1921: Rethinking the history of labour and the left
p. viii Preface and acknowledgements p. viii A Note on Racial Terminology p. x
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Among the Maa-speaking Ndorobo people on the southern Mau escarpment in Kenya, basic assumptions concerning Other are foundational for how an individual interacts with all that is outside of Self.1


Anarchy and Culture: Fernand Pelloutier and the Dilemma of Revolutionary Syndicalism
Advancing under socialist banners, the labor movement in Western Europe won such success by the end of the nineteenth century as to produce a deep moral and intellectual crisis in European socialism.
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