Synchrotron radiation phase-contrast X-ray CT imaging of acupuncture points.

  title={Synchrotron radiation phase-contrast X-ray CT imaging of acupuncture points.},
  author={Dongming Zhang and Xiaohui Yan and Xinyi Cindy Zhang and Chenglin Liu and Ruishan Dang and Tiqiao Xiao and Peiping Zhu},
  journal={Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry},
  volume={401 3},
Three-dimensional (3D) topographic structures of acupuncture points were investigated by using synchrotron radiation in-line X-ray phase contrast computerized tomography. Two acupuncture points, named Zhongji (RN3) and Zusanli (ST36), were studied. We found an accumulation of microvessels at each acupuncture point region. Images of the tissues surrounding the acupuncture points do not show such kinds of structure. This is the first time that 3D images have revealed the specific structures of… CONTINUE READING


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