Synchronous AADL and Its Formal Analysis in Real-Time Maude

  title={Synchronous AADL and Its Formal Analysis in Real-Time Maude},
  author={Kyungmin Bae and Peter Csaba {\"O}lveczky and Abdullah Al-Nayeem and Jos{\'e} Meseguer},
Distributed Real-Time Systems (DRTS), such as avionics systems and distributed control systems in motor vehicles, are very hard to design because of asynchronous communication, network delays, and clock skews. Furthermore, their model checking typically becomes un-feasible due to the large state spaces caused by the interleavings. For many DRTSs, we can use the PALS methodology to reduce the problem of designing and verifying asynchronous DRTSs to the much simpler task of designing and… CONTINUE READING
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*** Execute a transition

  • *** Execute a transition

= if evalGuard(GUARD, PORTS, VAL) then executeStatements(SL, PORTS, VAL) else transResult(PORTS, VAL) fi

  • L1-[ Guard ]-> L Eq Executetransition, Ports sl, Val
  • = if evalGuard(GUARD, PORTS, VAL) then…

=_ : BoolVarId BoolExpression -> Statement [ctor] . op _:=_ : PortId IntExpression -> Statement [ctor] . op _:=_ : PortId BoolExpression -> Statement [ctor] . op _:=_ : PortId PortId -> Statement

  • Intvarid Intexpression Op, Statement
  • op _:=_ : IntVarId PortId -> Statement [ctor…

B.2 Real-Time Maude Specification load rtmaude/synch-aadl-interpreter.maude (tomod MainMainSystemimplInstance is including SYNCHRONOUS-STEP

  • B.2 Real-Time Maude Specification load rtmaude…

BEXP2, VAL, PORTS)) if not (BEXP1 :: Bool and BEXP2 :: Bool)

  • BEXP2, VAL, PORTS)) if not (BEXP1 :: Bool and…

Be aware of this one! eq evalGuard(on dispatch, PORTS, VAL) = true

  • Be aware of this one! eq evalGuard(on dispatch…

Bool PortId Configuration ~> Configuration . op writeData : Int PortId Configuration ~> Configuration

  • Op Writedata
  • Bool PortId Configuration ~> Configuration . op…

Evaluate boolean expressions: op evalBoolExpression : BoolExpression Valuation Configuration ~> Bool

  • Evaluate boolean expressions: op…

Evaluate transition guards: op evalGuard : TransGuard Configuration Valuation ~> Bool

  • Evaluate transition guards: op evalGuard…

IntExpression IntExpression -> BoolExpression

  • Op
  • IntExpression IntExpression -> BoolExpression

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