Synchronized electromechanical integration recording of cardiomyocytes.

  title={Synchronized electromechanical integration recording of cardiomyocytes.},
  author={Ning Hu and Tianxing Wang and Hao Wan and Liujing Zhuang and Ralf Kettenhofen and Xiaoyu Zhang and Yu Shrike Zhang and Wanhong Xu and Matthias Gossmann and Heribert Bohlen and Xu Hou and Ping Wang},
  journal={Biosensors & bioelectronics},
Cardiac issues are always one of major health problems that attract wide attention by the public. It is urgent to explore a preclinical strategy to efficiently prevent the life-threatening arrhythmias by precisely assessing the cardiac excitation-contraction behavior. Conventional label-free asynchronous strategies are difficult to synchronously record and precisely match the excitation and contraction signals in vitro, while label-based strategies generally present pharmacological adverse… CONTINUE READING
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