Synchronized Dancing of Oblivious Chameleons


It has been recently discovered that oblivious iguanid lizards can form a periodic sequence of tableaux vivants with some restrictions on the tableaux. By viewing each tableau as a dance step, a formable sequence can be seen as a dance choreography, performable by the lizards. Interestingly, a complete characterization exists of the dances performable by all families of oblivious iguanid lizards except for the family of chameleons. This gap in knowledge opens the main research question addressed here: what choreographies can be danced by oblivious chameleons? We provide a full answer to this question, investigating formable tableaux, danceable choreographies as well as number of skin colours. We show that, unlike other lizards, in their feasible dances chameleons can touch and repeat steps. Also, they can do this even if they are asynchronous.

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-07890-8_10

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