Synchronization of incommensurate fractional order system

  title={Synchronization of incommensurate fractional order system},
  author={Rafael Mart{\'i}nez-Guerra and Claudia A. P{\'e}rez-Pinacho and Gian Carlo G{\'o}mez-Cort{\'e}s and Juan C. Cruz-Victoria},
  journal={Applied Mathematics and Computation},
In this paper we present a new observer model free type for synchronization of incommensurate fractional order systems. We propose an observer structure that estimates the unknown state variables (master system), the estimates and the output are the slave system. For solving this problem, we introduce a new incommensurate fractional algebraic observability (IFAO) property which is used as the main ingredient in the design of the slave system. Some numerical results show the effectiveness of the… CONTINUE READING

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