Synchronization of a forced self-sustained Duffing oscillator

  title={Synchronization of a forced self-sustained Duffing oscillator},
  author={Dami{\'a}n H. Zanette and Sebasti'an I. Arroyo},
  journal={The European Physical Journal Special Topics},
We study the dynamics of a mechanical oscillator with linear and cubic forces – the Duffing oscillator — subject to a feedback mechanism that allows the system to sustain autonomous periodic motion with well-defined amplitude and frequency. First, we characterize the autonomous motion for both hardening and softening nonlinearities. Then, we analyze the oscillator’s synchronizability by an external periodic force. We find a regime where, unexpectedly, the frequency range where synchronized… 
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Internal Resonance in a Vibrating Beam: A Zoo of Nonlinear Resonance Peaks

A model for internal resonance in a vibrating elastic beam clamped at its two ends based on a representation of the resonant modes as two Duffing oscillators, coupled through cubic interactions is examined, illustrating the diversity of behavior that internal resonance brings about in the dynamical response of the system, depending on the detailed form of the coupling forces.

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