Synchronization in Vehicle Routing - A Survey of VRPs with Multiple Synchronization Constraints

  title={Synchronization in Vehicle Routing - A Survey of VRPs with Multiple Synchronization Constraints},
  author={Michael Drexl},
  journal={Transp. Sci.},
This paper presents a survey of vehicle routing problems with multiple synchronization constraints. These problems exhibit, in addition to the usual task covering constraints, further synchronization requirements between the vehicles, concerning spatial, temporal, and load aspects. They constitute an emerging field in vehicle routing research and are becoming a “hot” topic. The contribution of the paper is threefold: (i) It presents a classification of different types of synchronization. (ii… 

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  • Computer Science
    8th International Symposium on Parallel Architectures,Algorithms and Networks (ISPAN'05)
  • 2005
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