Synbiotic as Feed Additives Relating to Animal Health and Performance

  • Hozan Jalil Hamasalim, H. J. Hamasalim
  • Published 2016


According to the increasing of human population in the world, it reached about seven billion people and it continuously increased. In this background, the food source in both animal and plant origin must be increased accordingly. For these we must use and add some feed additives such as antibiotic, probiotic, prebiotic, postbiotic and synbiotic for the animal feed to increase production (meat, egg, milk and fish) and improve health. In early cases, probiotic as mono or mixed beneficial live microorganism was used as feed additive that plays a significant role in several health conditions and performances. In another way, the scientists use some ingredients indigestible with carbohydrates origin, especially oligosaccharides as a source of energy for beneficial microorganisms in the body which were called prebiotic, and it is indigestible fermented food substrates that stimulate the growth, composition and activity of microorganisms in gastrointestinal and improve host. Most of the scientists urged to use all the above in such way that have more benefits in animal health and performance which were therefore called synbiotic, that was a combination between probiotic and prebiotic which beneficially had significant effects on the host by improving the survival and implantation of live microbial dietary supplements in the gastrointestinal tract, and thus improving animal health and performance. So, it was proposed that the synbiotic in this research increased beneficial microorganisms in the gastrointestinal tract and improved intestinal architect, and then promoted intestine environment. Consequently, it can improve blood indices, and especially decrease bad cholesterol (Low-density lipoprotein), decrease harmful microorganisms and toxins. However, it can also improve ingredient product, increase mineral absorption and nutrient. In conclusion, it can improve animal health and performance.

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