Synaptotagmin-mediated vesicle fusion regulates cell migration

  title={Synaptotagmin-mediated vesicle fusion regulates cell migration},
  author={Richard A. Colvin and Terry K. Means and Thomas J Diefenbach and Luis Ferreira Moita and Robert P Friday and S. JantraS B. B. Alvarez D. M. Sever and Gabriele S. V. Campanella and Tabitha A Abrazinski and Lindsay A. Manice and Catarina Moita and Norma W Andrews and Dianqing Wu and Nir Hacohen and Andrew D Luster},
  journal={Nature Immunology},
Chemokines and other chemoattractants direct leukocyte migration and are essential for the development and delivery of immune and inflammatory responses. To probe the molecular mechanisms that underlie chemoattractant-guided migration, we did an RNA-mediated interference screen that identified several members of the synaptotagmin family of calcium-sensing vesicle-fusion proteins as mediators of cell migration: SYT7 and SYTL5 were positive regulators of chemotaxis, whereas SYT2 was a negative… CONTINUE READING


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