Synaptotagmin Function Illuminated

  title={Synaptotagmin Function Illuminated},
  author={Manfred Lindau},
  journal={The Journal of General Physiology},
  pages={251 - 254}
Neurotransmitter release occurs by exocytosis of synap-tic vesicles triggered by Ca 2 ϩ influx through voltage-gated Ca 2 ϩ channels. It was found many years ago that release shows a steep dependence on extracellular [Ca 2 ϩ ] and increases approximately with the fourth power of [Ca 2 ϩ ] (Dodge and Rahamimoff, 1967). It was proposed that Ca 2 ϩ entering through voltage-gated Ca 2 ϩ channels binds to intracellular Ca 2 ϩ receptors, which cooperatively control the release of a vesicle (Katz and… CONTINUE READING


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