[Synaptosomal degradation of neuropeptides].


Proteolytic conversions of some neuropeptides possessing neurotransmitter and neuromodulator properties were studied on the synaptosomal plasma membrane level. The main goal was to describe the peptide bonds being primarily hydrolysed by membrane peptidases. The analysis of the accumulated data allowed one to make some summarizing conclusions about properties of the enzyme system responsible for the biological inactivation of the peptides in synapsis.

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@article{Akopian1991SynaptosomalDO, title={[Synaptosomal degradation of neuropeptides].}, author={Tatos N. Akopian and A M Arzumanian and A G Agadzhanian and A A Arutiunian}, journal={Bioorganicheskaia khimiia}, year={1991}, volume={17 12}, pages={1589-604} }