Synaptophysin immunoreactivity in the cochlear nucleus after unilateral cochlear or ossicular removal.


This study determined if unilateral cochlear removal in adult guinea pigs led to synaptic loss followed by synaptogenesis in the cochlear nucleus (CN) and if unilateral middle ear ossicle removal led to synaptic loss in the CN. Synaptic endings were identified immunohistochemically, using a monoclonal antibody to synaptophysin. Immunolabeling was quantified densitometrically in the CN 4-161 days after cochlear removal and 161 days after ossicle removal. Fiber degeneration was visualized with the Nauta-Rasmussen silver method. Tissue shrinkage was measured from drawings of CN sections. Compared to the contralateral side, immunolabeling density ipsilaterally was reduced by 4 days in the anterior division of the anteroventral CN (a-AVCN) and by 7 days in the anterior part of the posteroventral CN (a-PVCN). At 7 days, preterminal fiber degeneration was abundant in both areas. These findings were consistent with the loss of cochlear nerve endings and fibers. At later times, immunolabeling density recovered. In the a-AVCN, tissue shrinkage explained approximately half the recovery of staining density; the rest was attributed to synaptogenesis. In the a-PVCN, the entire recovery was attributed to tissue shrinkage. In the polymorphic layer of the dorsal CN, immunostaining density increased transiently at 4 days, while at 7 days preterminal fiber degeneration was abundant. A net loss of synaptic endings was not detected immunohistochemically. The increased immunostaining density may reflect a transient growth of immature processes or presynaptic endings. Ossicle removal produced a deficit in immunolabeling density only in the ipsilateral a-PVCN, without fiber degeneration, suggesting a loss of presynaptic endings or of synaptophysin expression.

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