Synaptonemal complexes and chromosome chains in the rodent Ellobius talpinus heterozygous for ten Robertsonian translocations

  title={Synaptonemal complexes and chromosome chains in the rodent Ellobius talpinus heterozygous for ten Robertsonian translocations},
  author={Yu. F. Bogdanov and Oxana L. Kolomiets and Elena A. Lyapunova and I. Yu. Yanina and T. F. Mazurova},
Synaptonemal complexes (SC) in four Ellobius talpinus males heterozygous for ten Robertsonian translocations were examined with an electron microscope using a surface-spreading technique. A total of 136 late zygotene and pachytene spermatocytes were examined. From one to three completely paired SC trivalents were found in each early pachytene spermatocyte. The lateral elements of the short arms of the acrocentric chromosomes in these trivalents were joined with an SC thus forming the third arm… CONTINUE READING


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