Synaptogenesis of mossy fibers induced by spatial water maze overtraining.

  title={Synaptogenesis of mossy fibers induced by spatial water maze overtraining.},
  author={Victor Ramirez-Amaya and Martha Lilia Escobar and Victor A Chao and Federico Berm{\'u}dez-Rattoni},
  volume={9 6},
Synaptic plasticity has been proposed as a mechanism underlying learning and memory. Synaptic reorganization of hippocampal mossy fibers has been observed after experimentally induced epilepsy, and after brief high-frequency activation inducing long-term potentiation. Furthermore, it has been suggested that synaptic changes in the hippocampus may occur after spatial learning. In this study, by using a zinc-detecting histologic technique (Timm), we demonstrate a significant increase of mossy… CONTINUE READING


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