Synaptic linkage in the vestibulo-ocular reflex pathway of rabbit

  title={Synaptic linkage in the vestibulo-ocular reflex pathway of rabbit},
  author={Stephen M. Highstein and Minami Ito and Mr. T. Tsuchiya},
  journal={Experimental Brain Research},
Microelectrodes were inserted into IIIrd cranial nucleus of anaesthetized rabbit. IIIrd nucleus was identified by observing the field potentials evoked antidromically by stimulation of IIIrd cranial nerve. After stimulation of VIIIth nerve extracellular field potentials, spike potentials in secondary vestibular fibers, and postsynaptic potentials in IIIrd nucleus neurones were recorded. VIIIth nerve impulses either excite or inhibit IIIrd nucleus neurones postsynaptically with disynaptic… CONTINUE READING