Synaptic influences on rat ganglion-cell photoreceptors.


The intrinsically photosensitive retinal ganglion cells (ipRGCs) provide a conduit through which rods and cones can access brain circuits mediating circadian entrainment, pupillary constriction and other non-image-forming visual functions. We characterized synaptic inputs to ipRGCs in rats using whole-cell and multielectrode array recording techniques. In… (More)


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@article{Wong2007SynapticIO, title={Synaptic influences on rat ganglion-cell photoreceptors.}, author={Kwoon Y Wong and Felice A Dunn and Dustin M. Graham and David M. Berson}, journal={The Journal of physiology}, year={2007}, volume={582 Pt 1}, pages={279-96} }