Synaptic dimorphism in Onychophoran cephalic ganglia

  title={Synaptic dimorphism in Onychophoran cephalic ganglia},
  author={Zulma Pe{\~n}a Contreras and Rosa Virginia Mendoza Brice{\~n}o and L. Miranda Contreras and E. L Palacios Pr{\"u}},
The taxonomic location of the Onychophora has been controversial because of their phenotypic and genotypic characteristics, related to both annelids and arthropods. We analyzed the ultrastructure of the neurons and their synapses in the cephalic ganglion of a poorly known invertebrate, the velvet worm Peripatus sedgwicki, from the mountainous region of El Valle, Merida, Venezuela. Cephalic ganglia were dissected, fixed and processed for transmission electron microscopy. The animal has a high… CONTINUE READING