Synaptic depression and neuronal loss in transiently acidic hippocampal slice cultures

  title={Synaptic depression and neuronal loss in transiently acidic hippocampal slice cultures},
  author={Z Xiang and Peter J Bergold},
  journal={Brain Research},
Acidosis is a rapid and inevitable event accompanying cerebral ischemia or trauma. We used hippocampal slice cultures to examine an immediate effect of acidosis, synaptic depression; and a delayed effect, neuronal loss. Exposure to low bicarbonate artificial cerebral spinal fluid (aCSF), pH 6.70 for 30 min at 32 degrees C, acidified intracellular pH from 7.31+/-0.12 to 6.53+/-0.08. Accompanying intracellular acidosis was a depression of synaptic responses. Both effects rapidly reversed after… CONTINUE READING


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