Synapse-Specific, Long-Term Facilitation of Aplysia Sensory to Motor Synapses: A Function for Local Protein Synthesis in Memory Storage

  title={Synapse-Specific, Long-Term Facilitation of Aplysia Sensory to Motor Synapses: A Function for Local Protein Synthesis in Memory Storage},
  author={K. Martin and A. Casadio and H. Zhu and E. Yaping and J. C. Rose and Mary Chen and C. H. Bailey and E. Kandel},
  • K. Martin, A. Casadio, +5 authors E. Kandel
  • Published 1997
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Cell
  • The requirement for transcription during long-lasting synaptic plasticity has raised the question of whether the cellular unit of synaptic plasticity is the soma and its nucleus or the synapse. To address this question, we cultured a single bifurcated Aplysia sensory neuron making synapses with two spatially separated motor neurons. By perfusing serotonin onto the synapses made onto one motor neuron, we found that a single axonal branch can undergo long-term branch-specific facilitation. This… CONTINUE READING
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