Synaesthesia in fiction

  title={Synaesthesia in fiction},
  author={Patricia L. Duffy and Julia Simner},
Protagonists in novels are often given attributes that their creators hope might make them more memorable. Some authors have provided their protagonists with synaesthesia, an unusual familialconditionthatgivesrise toamergingofsensory and/or cognitive functions. (Grapheme-colour synaesthetes, for example, experience colours from reading or speech, while lexical-gustatory synaesthetes experience tastes in the mouth.) Public unfamiliarity with synaesthesia during the last century meant that most… Expand
‘Time-twisted space’: an exploration of the synaesthetic continuum through the work of Vladimir Nabokov
ABSTRACT The synaesthetic author Vladimir Nabokov undertakes extensive consideration of the relationship between time and space, and its manifestation in human perception, throughout his fictionalExpand