Synaesthesia: cross activations, high interconnectivity, and a parietal hub

  title={Synaesthesia: cross activations, high interconnectivity, and a parietal hub},
  author={K. Specht},
  journal={Translational Neuroscience},
  • K. Specht
  • Published 2012
  • Psychology
  • Translational Neuroscience
  • This review summarizes the most recent studies on synaesthesia, particularly studies on grapheme-colour synaesthesia, time-space synaesthesia, and coloured-hearing synaesthesia. Based on behavioural as well as neuroimaging studies, there is emerging evidence that synaesthesia is not only caused by the cross activation of two sensory areas but that it may require additional binding processes, which are assumed to take place in the parietal lobe. However, divergent results exist with respect to… CONTINUE READING
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