Symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and their association with migraine headache.

  title={Symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and their association with migraine headache.},
  author={Vincent T. Martin and Suzanne Wernke and Karen M Mandell and Nabih Ramadan and Lily Kao and J. N. Bean and James Liu and Willie D Zoma and Robert Rebar},
  volume={46 1},
OBJECTIVES To determine the association between the severity of premenstrual (PMS) symptoms and headache outcome measures during natural menstrual cycles and after medical oophorectomy. BACKGROUND Premenstrual syndrome may occur in 64% of those with pure menstrual migraine and 33% of those with menstrually related migraine. Few past studies have examined the relationship between the severity of PMS symptoms and migraine headache. METHODS Data were obtained from a 6.5-month randomized… CONTINUE READING

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