Symptoms of pituitary apoplexy rapidly reversed with bromocriptine. Case report.


Macroprolactinomas rarely present with apoplexy. The authors describe a patient with a macroprolactinoma who presented with apoplexy and rapid progression of a third nerve palsy. The patient was managed expectantly with bromocriptine, and within 48 hours, the patient's third nerve palsy had completely resolved. The authors suggest that all patients who present with pituitary apoplexy in the presence of a pituitary tumor receive an immediate course of bromocriptine and steroid therapy until the prolactin level can be determined. Emergency surgery is indicated if visual function is abnormal and the tumor is not a prolactinoma.


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@article{Brisman1996SymptomsOP, title={Symptoms of pituitary apoplexy rapidly reversed with bromocriptine. Case report.}, author={M H Brisman and Goni Katz and Kalmon D. Post}, journal={Journal of neurosurgery}, year={1996}, volume={85 6}, pages={1153-5} }