Symptomatic hemifacial spasm: case report and review of literature.


The purpose of this article is to discuss a case of hemifacial spasm due to a fusiform basilar aneurysm. The hemifacial spasm was successfully treated by decompression of the facial nerve in the facial canal 14 months before death due to aneurysmal rupture. The literature on symptomatic hemifacial spasm is reviewed, the pathophysiology discussed and the therapeutic options presented. Since the pathophysiology is poorly understood, conservatism is recommended.


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@article{Levine1983SymptomaticHS, title={Symptomatic hemifacial spasm: case report and review of literature.}, author={Deborah A. Levine and P. James. B. Dyck}, journal={Bulletin of clinical neurosciences}, year={1983}, volume={48}, pages={139-47} }