Symptom rating scale for assessing hyperthyroidism.

  title={Symptom rating scale for assessing hyperthyroidism.},
  author={Irwin Klein and Paula T. Trzepacz and Maud Roberts and Gerald S. Levey},
  journal={Archives of internal medicine},
  volume={148 2},
A hyperthyroid symptom scale (HSS) was designed and administered to ten subjects with untreated Graves' disease. All subjects had clinical and chemical evidence of hyperthyroidism and reproducible HSS scores of 20 or more points. During sequential treatments with propranolol hydrochloride (phase 2) followed by propylthiouracil (phase 3) there was a significant decline in the HSS scores at each phase. Accompanying the decrease in HSS scores was a decrease in heart rate, but there was no change… CONTINUE READING


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