Symplectic singularities

  title={Symplectic singularities},
  author={Arnaud Beauville},
  journal={Inventiones mathematicae},
  • A. Beauville
  • Published 2000
  • Mathematics
  • Inventiones mathematicae
We introduce in this paper a particular class of rational singularities, which we call symplectic, and classify the simplest ones. Our motivation comes from the analogy between rational Gorenstein singularities and Calabi-Yau manifolds: a compact, Kähler manifold of dimension n is a Calabi-Yau manifold if it admits a nowhere vanishing n-form, while a normal variety V of dimensionn has rational Gorenstein singularities 1 if its smooth part Vreg carries a nowhere vanishing n-form, with the extra… Expand
A characterization of nilpotent varieties of complex semisimple Lie algebras
A normal complex algebraic variety X is called a symplectic variety (cf. [Be]) if its regular locus Xreg admits a holomorphic symplectic 2-form ω such that it extends to a holomorphic 2-form on aExpand
Symplectic singularities from the Poisson point of view
Abstract Introduction In symplectic geometry, it is often useful to consider the so-called Poisson bracket on the algebra of functions on a C ∞ symplectic manifold M. The bracket determines, and isExpand
McKay correspondence for symplectic quotient singularities
Let V be a finite-dimensional complex vector space, and G ⊂ SL(V ) a finite subgroup. The quotient variety X = V/G is usually singular. If dim V = 2, then there exists a canonical smooth projectiveExpand
Symplectic resolutions for nilpotent orbits
Abstract.In this paper, firstly we calculate Picard groups of a nilpotent orbit 𝒪 in a classical complex simple Lie algebra and discuss the properties of being ℚ-factorial and factorial for theExpand
Modular Galois covers associated to symplectic resolutions of singularities
Abstract Let Y be a normal projective variety and π : X → Y a projective holomorphic symplectic resolution. Namikawa proved that the Kuranishi deformation spaces Def (X) and Def (Y) are both smooth,Expand
When does the zero fiber of the moment map have rational singularities?
Let G be a complex reductive group and V a G-module. There is a natural moment mapping μ : V ⊕V ∗ → g∗ and we denote μ(0) (the shell) by N . We find criteria for N to have rational singularities andExpand
A finiteness theorem on symplectic singularities
An affine symplectic singularity $X$ with a good $\mathbf{C}^{\ast }$-action is called a conical symplectic variety. In this paper we prove the following theorem. For fixed positive integers $N$ andExpand
These lecture notes are based on a mini-course given by the author at Università degli Studi di Padova. The aim is to explain the basic theory of symplectic singularities and their quantizations thisExpand
Poisson traces, D-modules, and symplectic resolutions
The theory of Poisson traces (or zeroth Poisson homology) developed by the authors is surveyed, to understand this subtle invariant of (singular) Poisson varieties, conditions for it to be finite-dimensional, its relationship to the geometry and topology of symplectic resolutions, and its applications to quantizations. Expand
On deformations of ℚ-factorial symplectic varieties
Abstract Our purpose is to give a positive answer to the following problem posed in [Namikawa, Y., Extension of 2-forms and symplectic varieties, J. reine angew. Math. 539 (2001), 123– 147.]:Expand


Fano contact manifolds and nilpotent orbits
Abstract. A contact structure on a complex manifold M is a corank 1 subbundle F of TM such that the bilinear form on F with values in the quotient line bundle L = TM/F deduced from the Lie bracket ofExpand
On the hypersurfaces of Hermitian symmetric spaces of compact type
Let M be an irreducible Hermitian symmetric space of compact type and let L be a holomorphic line bundle over M. We 'denote by Ω(L) the sheaf of germs of L-valued holomorphic ^>-forms on M. In thisExpand
Let Z be a compact complex (2n+1)-manifold which carries a complex contact structure, meaning a codimension-1 holomorphic sub-bundle D⊂TZ which is maximally non-integrable. If Z admits aExpand
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