Symplectic homology product via Legendrian surgery

  title={Symplectic homology product via Legendrian surgery},
  author={Fr'ed'eric Bourgeois and Tobias Ekholm and Yakov M. Eliashberg},
  journal={Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences},
  pages={8114 - 8121}
This research announcement continues the study of the symplectic homology of Weinstein manifolds undertaken by the authors [Bourgeois F, Ekholm T, Eliashberg Y (2009) arXiv:0911.0026] where the symplectic homology, as a vector space, was expressed in terms of the Legendrian homology algebra of the attaching spheres of critical handles. Here, we express the product and Batalin–Vilkovisky operator of symplectic homology in that context. 

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