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Symplectic embeddings into disk cotangent bundles

  title={Symplectic embeddings into disk cotangent bundles},
  author={Brayan Ferreira and Vinicius G. B. Ramos},
In this paper, we compute the embedded contact homology (ECH) capacities of the disk cotangent bundles D∗S2 and D∗RP 2. We also find sharp symplectic embeddings into these domains. In particular, we compute their Gromov widths. In order to do that, we explicitly calculate the ECH chain complexes of S∗S2 and S∗RP 2 using a direct limit argument on the action inspired by Bourgeois’s Morse–Bott approach and ideas from Nelson–Weiler’s work on the ECH of prequantization bundles. Moreover, we use… 


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