Symplectic embeddings from concave toric domains into convex ones

  title={Symplectic embeddings from concave toric domains into convex ones},
  author={Daniel Cristofaro-Gardiner},
  journal={Journal of Differential Geometry},
Embedded contact homology gives a sequence of obstructions to four-dimensional symplectic embeddings, called ECH capacities. In "Symplectic embeddings into four-dimensional concave toric domains", the author, Choi, Frenkel, Hutchings and Ramos computed the ECH capacities of all "concave toric domains", and showed that these give sharp obstructions in several interesting cases. We show that these obstructions are sharp for all symplectic embeddings of concave toric domains into "convex" ones. In… 
Symplectic capacities from positive S1–equivariant symplectic homology
We use positive S^1-equivariant symplectic homology to define a sequence of symplectic capacities c_k for star-shaped domains in R^{2n}. These capacities are conjecturally equal to the Ekeland-Hofer
Noncontractible loops of symplectic embeddings between convex toric domains
  • M. Munteanu
  • Mathematics
    Journal of Symplectic Geometry
  • 2020
Given two 4-dimensional ellipsoids whose symplectic sizes satisfy a specified inequality, we prove that a certain loop of symplectic embeddings between the two ellipsoids is noncontractible. The
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Author(s): Munteanu, Cristian Mihai | Advisor(s): Hutchings, Michael | Abstract: This dissertation is comprised of two papers studying the topology of certain spaces of symplectic embeddings. The
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Symplectic embeddings into four‐dimensional concave toric domains
ECH (embedded contact homology) capacities give obstructions to symplectically embedding one symplectic four‐manifold with boundary into another. We compute the ECH capacities of a large family of
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ECH (embedded contact homology) capacities give obstructions to symplectically embedding one four-dimensional symplectic manifold with boundary into another. These obstructions are known to be sharp
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