Symplectic Geometry and the Verlinde Formulas

  • Published 1998


The purpose of this paper is to give a proof of the Verlinde formulas by applying the Riemann-Roch-Kawasaki theorem to the moduli space of flat G-bundles on a Riemann surface Σ with marked points, when G is a connected simply connected compact Lie group G. Conditions are given for the moduli space to be an orbifold, and the strata are described as moduli spaces for semisimple centralizers in G. The contribution of the strata are evaluated using the formulas of Witten for the symplectic volume, methods of symplectic geometry, including formulas of Witten-Jeffrey-Kirwan, and residue formulas. Our paper extends prior work by Szenes and Jeffrey-Kirwan for SU(n) to general groups G.

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