Sympathy expression model for the bystander robot in group communication


In this paper, we propose a sympathy expression model for a bystander robot that honors the concept of moral emotion. Therefore, we pay attention to the robot that is in a bystander position, which is unrelated to the communication between participants. We propose a sympathy expression model that lets a bystander robot learn the emotional display of others and enables cooperative expressiveness. This model allows the appropriate expressiveness affecting communication of a robot in the position of a bystander. To test it, we assume the interaction of three robots with the emotion generation model using the neural network. Further, we inspect the movement of this model by using a psychology model. As a result, we confirmed the appropriate actions of this model.

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@article{Iguchi2014SympathyEM, title={Sympathy expression model for the bystander robot in group communication}, author={Shoji Iguchi and Hiroshi Takenouchi and Masataka Tokumaru}, journal={2014 International Conference on Humanoid, Nanotechnology, Information Technology, Communication and Control, Environment and Management (HNICEM)}, year={2014}, pages={1-6} }