Sympathomimetic Substance in Human Lumbar Sympathetic Chain

  title={Sympathomimetic Substance in Human Lumbar Sympathetic Chain},
  author={J. D. P. Graham},
  • J. Graham
  • Published 22 October 1949
  • Biology
  • Nature
IN 1939, Lissak1 showed that extracts of sympathetic nerves contained a Sympathomimetic substance with an adrenaline-like action on various biological preparations. In a series of papers, von Euler2,3,4 has demonstrated that this type of extract is largely noradrenaline. His chief sources of material were cattle and horses. Lissak5 further showed that if a postganglionic sympathetic nerve was stimulated electrically, and the cut end of the nerve allowed to hang beneath the surface of acidified… 
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Further studies on sympathin.

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  • Medicine
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  • 1950



A Specific Sympathomimetic Ergone in Adrenergic Nerve Fibres (Sympathin) and its Relations to Adrenaline and Nor-Adrenaline

Summary. Extracts have been prepared of various kinds of nerves and their content of sympathomimetic activity determined and the actions analyzed. The thoracic and lumbar sympathetic chain and

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The present report confirms the findings of the previous report that adrenal medullary tumours contain a high proportion of noradrenaline, and confirms these findings with the use of different techniques.

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The similarity between the action of the purified spleen extracts and the postulated sympathin E on the one hand and nor-adrenaline or D. N. E. on the other is pointed out.

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Noradrenaline in Adrenal Medullary Tumours

BLASCHKO1 has suggested the stages by which adrenaline can arise from tyrosine, the final stage being the N-methylation of the primary amine noradrenaline. It is possible that this last stage occurs