Sympathetic-leptin relationship in obesity: effect of weight loss.

  title={Sympathetic-leptin relationship in obesity: effect of weight loss.},
  author={Didier Quilliot and Philip Boehme and Fa{\"i}ez Zannad and Olivier Ziegler},
  journal={Metabolism: clinical and experimental},
  volume={57 4},
Obese patients have high plasma leptin concentrations that do not induce the expected responses on weight regulation, suggesting a leptin resistance in obesity. Elevated leptin levels are also thought to be related to a high sympathetic nervous system (SNS) activity. This effect could be preserved, lowered, or even abolished in obesity. We planned to investigate the possible association in a longitudinal study. Ninety-five normotensive healthy women, aged 40.4 +/- 11.4 years and body mass index… CONTINUE READING


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