Sympathectomy decreases size and invasiveness of tongue cancer in rats.

  title={Sympathectomy decreases size and invasiveness of tongue cancer in rats.},
  author={B H V Rama Krishnam Raju and Sivakami Rethnam Haug and Salah Osman Ibrahim and Karin Johanne Heyeraas},
  volume={149 3},
The sympathetic nervous system plays a role in carcinogenesis wherein locally released sympathetic neurotransmitters affect proliferation, angiogenesis, vessel permeability, lymphocyte traffic and cytokine production. The present in vivo study was designed to investigate whether surgical sympathectomy, both unilateral and bilateral, had an effect on tumor growth, interstitial fluid pressure (IFP) and lymphatics in rat tongue cancer. We used 4-nitroquinoline-1-oxide (4-NQO) in drinking water for… CONTINUE READING


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