Symmetry of the Schr\"odinger equation with variable potential

  title={Symmetry of the Schr\"odinger equation with variable potential},
  author={Wilhelm I. Fushchych and Z. I. Symenoh and Ivan Tsyfra},
We study symmetry properties of the Schr\"odinger equation with the potential as a new dependent variable, i.e., the transformations which do not change the form of the class of equations. We also consider systems of the Schr\"odinger equations with certain conditions on the potential. In addition we investigate symmetry properties of the equation with convection term. The contact transformations of the Schr\"odinger equation with potential are obtained. 
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УДК 517.958:512.86 Наведено огляд розвитку поняття прихованої симетрiї диференцiальних рiвнянь з частинними похiдними та результатiв, отриманих автором ранiше, а також новi приклади класiв рiвнянь,