Symmetry of iteration graphs

  title={Symmetry of iteration graphs},
  author={Walter Carlip and Martina Mincheva},
  journal={Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal},
We examine iteration graphs of the squaring function on the rings ℤ/nℤ when n = 2kp, for p a Fermat prime. We describe several invariants associated to these graphs and use them to prove that the graphs are not symmetric when k = 3 and when k ⩾ 5 and are symmetric when k = 4. 
For polynomials and rational maps of fixed degree over a finite field, we bound both the average number of components of their functional graphs as well as the average number of periodic points ofExpand
Symmetric Digraphs from Powers Modulo n
For each pair of positive integers n and k, let G(n,k) denote the digraph whose set of vertices is H = {0,1,2,···, n – 1} and there is a directed edge from a ∈ H to b ∈ H if a ≡ b(mod n). The digraphExpand
The structure of digraphs associated with the congruence xk ≡ y (mod n)
We assign to each pair of positive integers n and k ⩾ 2 a digraph G(n, k) whose set of vertices is H = {0, 1, ..., n − 1} and for which there is a directed edge from a ∈ H to b ∈ H if ak ≡ b (mod n).Expand
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A power digraph, denoted by G(n, k), is a directed graph with ℤn = {0, 1, &h., n − 1} as the set of vertices and E = {(a, b): ak ≡ b (mod n)} as the edge set. In this paper we extend the work done byExpand
On symmetric digraphs of the congruence xk = y (mod n)
This work generalizes earlier theorems by Szalay, Carlip, and Mincheva on symmetric digraphs G(n,2) of order 2 to symmetricDigraphs M of order M when k>=2 is arbitrary. Expand
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We assign to each positive integer n a digraph whose set of vertices is H = {0, 1, ..., n − 1} and for which there is a directed edge from a ∈ H to b ∈ H if a2 ≡ b (mod n). We establish necessary andExpand
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  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • Discret. Math.
  • 1986
If the degree of f as a polynomial is greater than 1, then the cycle length of f, extended to an algebraic closure K of K is not bounded, which means that for each positive integer N, one can find an integer n such that there exist n different elements of K. Expand
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