Symmetry for Initial Boundary Value Problems of PDEs

  title={Symmetry for Initial Boundary Value Problems of PDEs},
  author={Aldhlki T. Jassim},
  journal={journal of the college of basic education},
  • Aldhlki T. Jassim
  • Published 1 December 2019
  • Mathematics
  • journal of the college of basic education
Aldhlki T. Jassim Dep. of MathsCollege of Basic Education University of Mustansirya, Baghdad, Iraq Abstract In this paper, we discuss the reduction of IBVP by using the definition of Bluman or Ibragimov. Moreover, some examples that explain this definition for linear and nonlinear heat equation, are given. Next, we will give some restrictions on the Lie symmetry, which make the initial-boundary conditions are invariant. Finally, we find an initial condition which… 



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