Symmetry-broken crystal structure of elemental boron at low temperature

  title={Symmetry-broken crystal structure of elemental boron at low temperature},
  author={Michael Widom and M. Mihalkovi{\vc}},
  journal={Physical Review B},
The crystal structure of boron is unique among chemical elements, highly complex, and imperfectly known. Experimentalists report the �-rhombohedral (black) form is stable over all temperatures from absolute zero to melting. However, early calcu- lations found its energy to be greater than the energy of the �-rhombohedral (red) form, implyingcannot be stable at low temperatures. Furthermore, � exhibits partially occupied sites, seemingly in conflict with the thermodynamic requirement that… 
Imperfect crystal and unusual semiconductor: boron, a frustrated element.
The lattice Monte Carlo techniques combined with ab initio calculations find that the beta-phase is stabilized by a macroscopic amount of intrinsic defects that are responsible not only for entropic effects but also for a reduction in internal energy.
Prediction of orientational phase transition in boron carbide
PRODUCTION , STRUCTURE , PROPERTIES Boron : a Hunt for Superhard Polymorphs
Boron is a unique element, being the only element, all known polymorphs1 of which are super hard, and all of its crystal structures are distinct from any other element. The electron deficient bonding
Structural Study of α-Rhombohedral Boron at High Pressures
Recently, it has been shown that, like β-rhombohedral boron (β-boron), α-rhombohedral boron (α-boron) exhibits superconductivity at high pressure. The transition pressure is similar to that of
Theoretical phase diagram of boron carbide from ambient to high pressure and temperature
The phase diagram of boron carbide is calculated within the density functional theory as a function of temperature and pressure up to 80 GPa, accounting for icosahedral, graphitelike, and diamondlike
Boron: a hunt for superhard polymorphs
Boron is a unique element, being the only element, all known polymorphs of which are superhard, and all of its crystal structures are distinct from any other element. The electron-deficient bonding
Determination of phase stability of elemental boron.
It is shown that α-boron only becomes stable on application of pressure, whereas at higher temperatures β-bor on is enthalpically stabilized with respect to α- Boron, and the ground-state energies of α and β are nearly identical.
Phase diagram of boron crystals
The current status of study on the phase diagram of boron is given from the theoretical viewpoint. Boron is the last elemental crystal whose phase diagram is missing. In the last decade, several new


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