Symmetry breaking in a driven and strongly damped pendulum.

  title={Symmetry breaking in a driven and strongly damped pendulum.},
  author={Jukka Isoh{\"a}t{\"a}l{\"a} and Kirill N. Alekseev and Lauri Kurki and Pekka Pietil{\"a}inen},
  journal={Physical review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and soft matter physics},
  volume={71 6 Pt 2},
We examine the conditions for appearance of a symmetry breaking bifurcation in damped and periodically driven pendulums in the case of strong damping. We show that symmetry breaking, unlike other nonlinear phenomena, can exist at high dissipation. We prove that symmetry breaking phases exist between phases of symmetric normal and symmetric inverted oscillations. We find that symmetry broken solutions occupy a smaller region of the pendulum's parameter space in comparison to the statements made… 

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This might be explained observing that technique used in [13] to detect symmetry broken trajectories at strong damping can not in fact distinguish symmetric inverted and instant asymmetric solutions

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