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Symmetries of 2d TQFTs and Equivariant Verlinde Formulae for General Groups

  title={Symmetries of 2d TQFTs and Equivariant Verlinde Formulae for General Groups},
  author={Sergei Gukov and Du Pei and Charles Reid and Ali Shehper},
We study (generalized) discrete symmetries of 2d semisimple TQFTs. These are 2d TQFTs whose fusion rules can be diagonalized. We show that, in this special basis, the 0-form symmetries always act as permutations while 1-form symmetries act by phases. This leads to an explicit description of the gauging of these symmetries. One application of our results is a generalization of the equivariant Verlinde formula to the case of general Lie groups. The generalized formula leads to many predictions… 
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