Symmetric measures on Cartesian products

  title={Symmetric measures on Cartesian products},
  author={Edwin Shields Hewitt and Leonard J. Savage},
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Martin-Dynkin boundary of mixed poisson processes
Blow-up profile of rotating 2D focusing Bose gases
We consider the Gross-Pitaevskii equation describing an attractive Bose gas trapped to a quasi 2D layer by means of a purely harmonic potential, and which rotates at a fixed speed of rotationExpand
Onsager’s Ensemble for Point Vortices with Random Circulations on the Sphere
Onsager’s ergodic point vortex (sub-)ensemble is studied for N vortices which move on the 2-sphere $\mathbb{S}^{2}$ with randomly assigned circulations, picked from an a-priori distribution. It isExpand
Rise of Correlations of Transformation Strains in Random Polycrystals
Under the scaling limits (i), (ii), and (iii) the arrays of transformation strains arising from given boundary conditions exhibit no correlations, long-range correlations, and exponentially decaying short-range correlation, respectively. Expand
Propagation of chaos for the 2D viscous vortex model
We consider a stochastic system of $N$ particles, usually called vortices in that setting, approximating the 2D Navier-Stokes equation written in vorticity. Assuming that the initial distribution ofExpand
Phase Diagram of the ABC Model on an Interval
The three species asymmetric ABC model was initially defined on a ring by Evans, Kafri, Koduvely, and Mukamel, and the weakly asymmetric version was later studied by Clincy, Derrida, and Evans. HereExpand
Surfaces with prescribed Gauss curvature
where dx denotes Lebesgue measure on R2, is called the integral curvature of the surface (sometimes called total curvature). We say that Sg is a classical surface over R2 if u ∈ C2(R2). Clearly, K ∈Expand
Statistical mechanics of classical particles with logarithmic interactions
The inhomogeneous mean-field thermodynamic limit is constructed and evaluated for both the canonical thermodynamic functions and the states of systems of classical point particles with logarithmicExpand
Negative-temperature states and large-scale, long-lived vortices in two-dimensional turbulence
We study Onsager's theory of large, coherent vortices in turbulent flows in the approximation of the point-vortex model for two-dimensional Euler hydrodynamics. In the limit of a large number ofExpand
Surfaces with radially symmetric prescribed Gauss curvature
We study conformally flat surfaces with prescribed Gaussian curvature, described by solutions $u$ of the PDE: $\Delta u(x)+K(x)\exp(2u(x))=0$, with $K(x)$ the Gauss curvature function at $x\in\RR^2$.Expand


On integration in vector spaces
Introduction. Several authors ([3]-[10], inclusive; [15])t have already given generalized Lebesgue integrals for functions x(s) whose values lie in a Banach space (B-space) X.: In the following pagesExpand
Grundzüge der Mengenlehre
Mengen und ihre Verknupfungen: Summe, Durchschnitt, Differenz Mengen und ihre Verknupfungen: Funktion, Produkt, Potenz Kardinalzahlen oder Machtigkeiten Geordnete Mengen. Ordnungstypen WohlgeordneteExpand
Finitely additive measures
0. Introduction. The present paper is concerned with real-valued measures which enjoy the property of finite additivity but not necessarily the property of countable additivity. Our interest in suchExpand
On the representation of $\sigma$-complete Boolean algebras
A <r-complete Boolean algebra is a Boolean algebra in which for every sequence of elements a$-, i = l, • • • , there is an element U?an, the countable union of the a», such that aiQU?an for every i,Expand
The theory of representations for Boolean algebras
Boolean algebras are those mathematical systems first developed by George Boole in the treatment of logic by symbolic methodsf and since extensively investigated by other students of logic, includingExpand
Espaces vectoriels topologiques
Les Elements de mathematique de Nicolas Bourbaki ont pour objet une presentation rigoureuse, systematique et sans prerequis des mathematiques depuis leurs fondements. Ce livre est le cinquieme duExpand
Applications of the theory of Boolean rings to general topology
In an earlier paperf we have developed an abstract theory of Boolean algebras and their representations by algebras of classes. We now relate this theory to the study of general topology. The firstExpand
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