Symbolic Dynamics, Coarse Graining and the Monitoring of Complex Systems

  title={Symbolic Dynamics, Coarse Graining and the Monitoring of Complex Systems},
  author={Vasileios Basios and D{\'o}nal Mac Kernan},
  journal={Int. J. Bifurc. Chaos},
Coarse graining techniques and their associated symbolic dynamics are reviewed with a focus on probabilistic aspects of complex dynamical systems. The probabilistic approach initiated by Nicolis and coworkers has been elaborated. One of the major issues when dealing with the dynamics of complex nonlinear systems, the fact that the inherent time-scales of the unfolding phenomena are not well separated, is brought into focus. Recent results related to this interdependence, which is one of the… 

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C D ] 1 4 O ct 2 01 8 Symbolic Dynamics of Music from Europe and Japan

It is observed that the departure of “total randomness” to the constrains underlying the dynamics of the symbol generating process can be accurately assessed by the texts’ block-entropy versus block-length scaling laws.



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