Symbiovars in rhizobia reflect bacterial adaptation to legumes.

  title={Symbiovars in rhizobia reflect bacterial adaptation to legumes.},
  author={Marco Antonio Rogel and Ernesto Orme{\~n}o-Orrillo and Esperanza Mart{\'i}nez Romero},
  journal={Systematic and applied microbiology},
  volume={34 2},
Legume specificity is encoded in rhizobial genetic elements that may be transferred among species and genera. Dissemination (by lateral transfer) of gene assemblies dictating host range accounts for the existence of the same biological variant (biovar) in distinct microbiological species. Different alternative biovars may exist in a single species expanding their adaptation to different niches (legume nodules). A review of all reported biovars is presented. Instead of the term biovar, symbiotic… CONTINUE READING