Symbiotic Bacterium Modifies Aphid Body Color

  title={Symbiotic Bacterium Modifies Aphid Body Color},
  author={T. Tsuchida and R. Koga and Mitsuyo Horikawa and T. Tsunoda and T. Maoka and Shogo Matsumoto and J. Simon and T. Fukatsu},
  pages={1102 - 1104}
  • T. Tsuchida, R. Koga, +5 authors T. Fukatsu
  • Published 2010
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Science
  • Turncoat Aphids Aphid color has consequences for the fate of the wearer: Coccinellid beetles prefer to eat red ones and parasitoid wasps attack green ones. What might happen if aphids could change color and outwit their predators? Tsuchida et al. (p. 1102) have found that a subpopulation of the pea aphid can do this, but not without help from a previously unknown species of bacterium that lives intimately with the aphid as an endosymbiont and makes red aphids turn green. The bacterium… CONTINUE READING
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