Symbiosis of methylotrophic bacteria and deep-sea mussels

  title={Symbiosis of methylotrophic bacteria and deep-sea mussels},
  author={Colleen M. Cavanaugh and Piet R. Levering and James S. Maki and Ralph Mitchell and Mary E. Lidstrom},
Recently, dense assemblages of seep mussels and other benthic invertebrates resembling hydrothermal vent communities were found associated with reducing sediments at hypersaline seeps in the abyssal gulf of Mexico1. A symbiotic association with sulphur-oxidizing chemolithoautotrophic bacteria, similar to those recently reported (for review see ref. 2), was postulated for the seep mussel. However, the very negative δC13 values reported for the mussels (-74%‰) (ref. 3) suggested that these… CONTINUE READING
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